The first rule of laser ownership is ‘Keep it Clean’, the second rule of laser ownership is ‘KEEP IT CLEAN!’.  ‘Lasering’ is an inherently dirty process that generated dust, smoke and other particulates.  The air compressor’s primary purpose is to keep the focus lens clean and cool.  The exhaust fan’s primary purpose is to get the particulates out of the machine to keep it as clean as possible.  If the laser cut quality is not as good as it usually is, 99% of the time its because the lens or one of the mirrors is dirty.  *WITH POWER UNPLUGGED* We recommend cleaning the mirrors and lenses with the provided cleaning kit every 8 hours of use.  At the same time we recommend wiping the inside of the case with a rag and iso alcohol as well as lubricating the linear motion components with a high-temperature grease (WD40 is NOT A LUBRICANT).  All things said, performing regular maintenance should take no more than 10 minutes every 8 hours of proper use.

The laser tube and focus lens are wear items. We recommend replacing the focus lens whenever the tube wears out.  With average usage 1-2 years of life is expected for both components.  These are user serviceable and quite easy to replace and generally require no recalibration.