The DLS is a Class IV laser.  Safety precautions are required for safe operation.  

The are two areas of safety that need to be addressed.

The laser itself is regulated by CDRH which is a division of the FDA (yes the Food and Drug Administration).  There are OSHA regulations and recommendations to operate the laser safely.

We recommend that all OSHA regulations and recommendations be followed whether you are legally bound to it or not.  Safety is our #1 priority.  Please review the above link.

Each DLS system is equipped with a switch that turns off the laser in the event that the main door is opened.  Additionally all other doors are keyed to prevent un-authorized or unintended access.  The biggest danger is not the laser itself; it is the fire hazard.  NEVER LEAVE THE LASER UNATTENDED DURING OPERATION.  CO2 lasers cut with intense heat which can ignite materials not intended for lasers AND/OR if the air assist is disconnected, turned off or is otherwise ineffective.  Each DLS system includes safety glasses, a fire extinguisher and warning signs.