What do I need to do to operate the laser safely?

The DLS is a Class IV laser.  Safety precautions are required for safe operation.   The are two areas of safety that need to be addressed. The laser itself is regulated by CDRH which is a division of the FDA (yes the Food and Drug Administration).  There are OSHA...

How good is the engraving?

The DLS can engrave at up to 2032 DPI (Dots per Inch).  The engraving depth can be controlled by either adjusting speed and power.  Multiple passes can be made to allow engraving at different heights on the same object.

How fast is the DLS?

The speed at which a project can be completed is dependent on the material, whether it is being cut or engraved (or both!) and its size.  The engraving can be done with the laser head moving at 400mm/s maximum.  Typical cutting is done in the 5-25mm/s range.

What kind of maintenance is required?

The first rule of laser ownership is ‘Keep it Clean’, the second rule of laser ownership is ‘KEEP IT CLEAN!’.  ‘Lasering’ is an inherently dirty process that generated dust, smoke and other particulates.  The air compressor’s...